The deadly effects of driving under the influence of alcohol don’t need any explanation. Nonetheless, in spite of all the warnings, a lot of people are killed in road-accidents each year that goes by, under the influence of alcohol. If you were wondering what the penalties are for a DUI in Michigan, this article is going to reveal to you these penalties.

Michigan’s Drinking & Driving Laws
Michigan’s drunk-driving law makes it unlawful to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or above. The 0.08-limit is the standard measure for impaired drivers across the U.S. The BAC for commercial drivers and those under 21-years old are lower in the state of Michigan. Another law related to drunk-driving in Michigan is Operating-While-Visibly-Impaired (OWVI) law. This law implies that one’s ability to drive is visibly impaired when alcohol or drugs (or both) are present in their body.

Michigan’s Penalties for a DUI
Penalties for a DUI in Michigan aren’t just limited to court-related consequences; as a matter of fact, many other consequences may occur in one’s personal life stemming from a DUI- conviction.

When you get convicted for drunk-driving in the State of Michigan, the conviction stays on your record forever. A DUI offence isn’t eligible for expunction. Misconduct makes you face up-to 1-year in jail. When convicted, may spend up-to 5-years in prison.

The Culprit’s driver’s license is revoked or suspended. The length for this suspension depends on his/her previous drinking & driving convictions. If you happen to be a multiple offender, you will have lifetime license revocations, even though you may be eligible to apply for a hearing for reinstatement.

You can be made to pay fines mounting to $5,000 (plus surcharges) and may also be ordered to install an ignition interlock in your car using your personal money. Furthermore, DUI is the only motor vehicle felony tracked by the database of the FBI.

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A DUI conviction will cause your auto-insurance rates to go-up and you’ll also be required possess an SR-22-policy for 3-years. Your life insurance company may consider you high-risk and thus deny your policy or raise the rates. Your health insurance will also be affected in the same way; that is in case you’ve got an individual policy.

A drunk-driving conviction can also have an effect on your employment. Many employers terminate employees immediately when they (employees) are convicted for drunk driving. Some professional licenses may also be revoked for possessing a DUI on your record.

How many drinks should one take before he or she is considered legally drunk?
Even though there are charts and calculators that can give you an idea of how close you’re to getting to the legal limit, these are simply reference tools and hence shouldn’t be used to determine whether you are sober and fit to drive. The best thing to do is to never drink and drive. Driving while drunk in Michigan puts your future, finances and freedom at risk.

As noted above, the penalties for drunk-driving convictions are life-altering. The offence is considered to be more than a traffic-violation. It’s a serious crime with long-lasting consequences. Hope this article has provided you with the answer the question, “What are the penalties for a DUI in Michigan?” Don’t put your life and that of other people by drunk-driving. Be safe by not driving under the influence of alcohol.