Reckless driving is a state of mind when a driver misjudges the usual common driving procedures resulting into road accidents. Reckless driving is an offense and a major traffic violation. It does not only involve driving while drunk, but it also entails careless, improper and is punishable by the law. It covers driving while under the influence of drugs, dizziness and alcohol. The driver might also be distracted when he is using a cell phone and driving at the same time. The dangers of reckless driving are normally faced by those driving with lots of stress, anger, carelessness and ignorance, but on the other hand can be avoided when drivers take their time to be careful and follow the necessary driving procedures.

The dangers of reckless driving

Driving while in a distraction state is very risky and unsafe. A driver cannot pay attention to a caller, a crying baby besides the road or eat and expect to drive properly on the road. In most parts of the world, making a call while on steering causes distraction and is outlawed because they can bring about fatal accidents and loss of lives. Reckless driving is one of the top causes of road accidents because there are so many ways to endanger lives. Despite the tough penalties against reckless driving, many drivers still maintain uncouth driving behaviors putting people’s lives in dangers.

Most drivers knowingly disregard the traffic regulations by involving themselves in useless and unsafe driving. Over speeding, weaving between lanes, drunk driving, distracted driving; tailgating, assuming turn signals are some of the common types of driving behaviors that are not accepted by traffic law. Each and every one of these behaviors can result to serious injury of people and at the same time these reckless drivers could be held responsible and be fined for causing accidents.

Reckless driving puts innocent people at a risk of getting involved in road accident. A number of people including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and passengers in other vehicles can be involved stand high chances of being affected by reckless driving. The offence puts everyone in a greater amount of risk. No one is safe since a reckless driver can bump on to a building and cause loss to the landlords. Shops situated by the road side can also be damaged by reckless drivers.

Road accidents generally can bring calamities like getting permanent fractures on any part of the body, excessive blood loss leading to death, emotional trauma, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, infection by HIV & AIDS among others. These injuries and problems can impact negatively both financially and physically on any persons’ life. For the victims who get involved in accidents caused by reckless drivers are supposed to seek full and proper medical attention in order to get best treatment and recover fully. Unfortunately, not all those accident victims can afford the full treatment and some end up dying.

The good thing is that when a reckless driver gets to hit an innocent pedestrian motorist or another car; the driver is held responsible and is forced by law to compensate the victims and pay all the medical expenses. A reckless driver risks paying higher charges and serving long terms in prison.