Just as it sounds, super drunk driving laws are subjected to people who are convicted for being super intoxicated while operating an automobile. The charges in this case are usually considered double the normal DUI charges. In other words, the charges apply when the convicted person is drunk more than twice the legal limit. This kind of driving is considered extremely dangerous not only to the charged person but to the members of the public as well.

The aim of establishing the Super Drunk Driving laws is to remarkably increase the penalties subjected to the victims. Any person who pays the hefty penalties after being convicted is bound to refrain from the vice. In this regard, the laws are perfect in curbing this dangerous trend. For you be rendered a super drunk driver, you will require undergoing the core tests as required by the law. Normally, the tests involve urine, breath or blood.


So, which are the penalties that you will be subjected to once you have been proven guilty for driving while super drunk? Like earlier stated, it will definitely cost you more in this case as compared to other normal convictions. The key penalties include:

• Jail Term- This is actually one of the major consequences faced by people caught up in a super drunk driving case. It is important to note that the jail term might even extend to a period of 180 days which translates to about 6 months. However, some factors can tamper the sentence and narrow it down to a shorter period.

• Fine- At times, you might be offered an option of paying a fine instead of serving a jail term. In such a case, you might be required to pay a total of about $700. Again, some factors might alter the amount you should pay as fine. You might be lucky to pay a lesser amount than the one set by the law.

• Community Service- A person convicted with super drunk driving offence might be required to serve the community as a way of paying for the crime. It is for the judge to use his intellectual knowledge in deciding whether you should serve the community or not. The convicted person might be required to offer such services for a duration of 360 hours which is equivalent to 15 days.

• License Suspension- This is yet another penalty that can amount from super drunk driving offense. It is actually one of the worst sentences that you can be subjected to with regard to the offense you have committed. Note that once your license is suspended, you will not be in a position to drive before the lapse of one year.

It is important to understand that you can always obtain a restricted driving privilege if your legal license is suspended. However, this only applies if you agree to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed in your car. The device is designed to bar you from driving when drunk.

With an Ignition Interlock Device, your car cannot start if there is any traces of alcohol found in your body. You will always be required to feed your breath into the device before you start any journey.