A DUI charge is one of the most unfortunate things that can ever happen to you. However, it is one of the common vices that happen every now and then. The most challenging part with regard to DUI charges is how to get off the hook. As a matter of fact, most people end up spending years in jail while others pay hefty penalties for driving under influence.

It is important to note that if proper strategies and techniques are applied, beating a DUI charge may not be challenging after all. It is as simple as understanding the whole concept and everything else will fall in place. That way, you will be in a position to give the charges leveled against you a twist that will work in your favor.


Here are some effective tips to help you beat a DUI charge.

Hire A Professional Attorney
This should actually come as your primary step when embarking on the quest to beat a DUI charge. Note that law related issues are quite complicated especially for people without knowledge in the respective field. For this reason, you will definitely need a professional attorney to represent you in the court of law during the hearings. You need someone to speak on your behalf and ensure that everything with regard to your charges takes the right course.

However, you must always ensure that you only go for a competent and reliable attorney. This is in addition to their academic qualifications and experience. That way, you can have an assurance of facing the charges with utmost optimism.

Challenge Sobriety Test Results
In most cases, the court might demand for some tests that confirm you were indeed caught driving while drunk. The arrest officer is usually responsible for the sobriety tests results. However, it is important to understand that such results are not always reliable. The arresting officer might have had other reasons to take you in court. In other words, it is never easy to establish the truth in the test results presented before the court. It will therefore work ideally if you disapprove such evidence.

Provide Other Reasons Behind Your Impairment
Like earlier stated, you can always disapprove sobriety test results. However, you should not stop at that. As a matter of fact, you should provide other reasons on why you were driving under influence. You can convince the judge that it was out of fatigue or other unfavorable conditions that impairment resulted. Note that arresting officers do not consider other factors that trigger human impairment hence you can take the advantage.

In addition, you can try and convince the court that bad weather influenced your driving. Any person regardless a driver or not understands that bad weather is a major contributor of road accidents and other messes.

Be Respectful And Keep Calm In Court
If you are a hot tempered kind of person, then you must learn how to get hold of yourself while in court. Politeness is one of the strategies which have the capacity to manipulate the judge’s decision. Be sure to show the judge that you completely understand the seriousness of the crime you have committed. In fact, you should go ahead and show remorse. That way, it is easy to move the judge and he can even pardon you.